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What is Aerial Sports?

Aerial sports is a specialised sub-discipline of the aerial arts that focuses on showcasing the skill and athleticism of aerial athletes.

Aerial Sport is overseen internationally by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), and in Australia by the Australian Pole Sports Federation. It is a highly technical discipline, judged according to a strict Code of Points, not unlike Olympic figure skating or gymnastics. 

Aerial Sport competitions are open to athletes of all levels, with categories for Amateur, Professional and Elite Pole Athletes. At the Elite level, athletes compete for the chance to represent their country at the World Aerial Championships, against athletes from over 60 countries.

The overarching goal of the IPSF and it’s affiliated federations is to see Pole and Aerial Sports recognised by the International Olympic Committee, and to see Pole and eventually Aerial Sports represented in the Olympics.

Aerial Sport Coach

At the time of publication, Sara-May is one of only 2 IPSF endorsed Pole Coaches in Australia (and the only one in NSW), and one of only 3 IPSF Certified Judges based in Australia.

If you’re interested in exploring this specialised discipline of Aerial Hoop/Lyra or Flying Pole, let Sara-May help you to train as effectively as possible and to present your best possible competition piece.

Australian Aerial Championships








Frequently asked questions


When is the next Australian Aerial Championships?

The Australian Aerial Championships will be held on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of June 2023 in Penrith, NSW.

Why hire a coach?

Training for an Aerial Sport competition is incredibly rewarding, but understanding the full Code of Points, and planning your training in order to peak for your competition day can be a lot to take on.

Sara-May is an IPSF endorsed Coach, which means that she understands how best to program your training to make sure you’re in prime competition condition on comp day.

Sara-May is an IPSF certified Judge, which means that she fully understands the requirements of the competition, and can help you to build a routine that will satisfy the judging requirements and maximise your points.

Having an endorsed coach who is also a certified judge will help ensure you put forward a routine that will get the highest scores possible, while avoiding common mistakes that can cause you to get points deducted.

Sara-May is the 2021 Professional Masters 40+ Women’s Pole Sport Champion, and judges the 2022 Pole and Aerial Championships. She will be competing as an Aerial athlete in 2023. She understands what the judges are looking for, and has been through the process of training as an athlete. You’ll be able to take the training journey together.

What competitions are in the Australian Aerial Championships?

The Australian Aerial Championships run alongside the Australian Pole Sports Championships. Together these championships include no less than 6 separate competitions. These are:

  • Aerial Sports: Hoop/Lyra
  • Artistic Hoop
  • Pole Sports
  • Artistic Pole
  • Ultra Pole
  • Para Pole

When should I start training for the Australian Aerial Championships?

Now is the perfect time to start preparing in order to present the best competition piece possible.

I have seen experienced athletes prepare an Aerial Sports competition piece in as little as 6 weeks, however I would not recommend leaving it any later than this, and the earlier the better.

Coaching Options

I am delighted to offer a range of coaching options to suit your needs, your budget and your preferred training style.

Group Coaching

For the 2022 competition year, I have the capacity to take on a maximum of 3 Pole-based Group Coaching teams, and 3 Aerial Hoop-based Group Coaching teams.

Group coaching is available to studios in the Greater Sydney area. Group coaching packages include a monthly studio-based workshop every month until the competition and a final prep session at a suitable IPSF standard studio in Cairns.

Through these group coaching sessions, participants will develop their competition routine in order to receive the highest score possible for them at competition. They will be guided to develop a periodised program to peak on competition day. They will receive guidance and feedback across all aspects of their competition preparation and routine through the eyes of an endorsed IPSF Coach and Certified IPSF Judge.

Group Coaching participants will receive a discounted rate for supplementary online coaching should they want extra training guidance and support in between group coaching sessions.

Group coaching is the most affordable coaching option. It requires a host studio, and profit share options are available.

Online Coaching

Online Aerial Sports Coaching is an ideal option for aerialists outside North-Western Sydney or the surrounding areas, or for those who enjoy online training.

Although I recommend that you have a home rig and Lyra to make the most of Online Aerial Sports Coaching, it is not required, as we can use our time setting goals and homework, writing and scheduling training programs and reviewing your training videos.

In-Person Coaching

From January 2022 I will have extremely limited availability for in-person coaching in Rouse Hill, NSW. This coaching will take place outdoors using a purpose-built Aerial Rig and a competition standard Lyra and/or Flying Pole.

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Example Aerial Sport Routines

See the below videos for examples of previous competitors who have placed at the World Aerial Championships.

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