If you’re a poler, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the brand Creatures of XIX. Their ISIS set is absolutely iconic within the pole community, and their gecko grip sticky pole wear is regarded as some of the best. What you may not know is that Creatures of XIX also have a quarterly subscription box for polers. It’s called the FoxBox, and as soon as I heard about it, I had to sign up and find out what it was all about.

What was in the Creatures of XIX Foxbox 4?

Booty Shorts:

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Booty Shorts

The first little goody that I discovered in my Creatures of XIX FoxBox was these super cute booty shorts. They’re quite low slung with a subtle V shape to the waist, and they’re pretty damn cheeky in the back. There’s a cute bit of gathering in the butt to make your butt-cheeks really pop.

These shorts are very lush and high quality, and there’s a teeny tiny little XIX button on the hip which adds a premium feel.

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Booty Shorts hip detail Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Booty Shorts Butt Detail

Wildfire Pole Top:

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Wildfire Top

The second item I unpacked was this Wildfire top in black. It’s a cute bra-style top in the same fabric as the booty shorts. Worn together, they would work equally well on the pole or as a bikini.

It has a sexy little lace-up front, with extra long laces, finished with tassels. I saw a version of this top on the Creatures of XIX Instagram stories. The models wore the laces wrapped around the ribcage and tied at the back, and it looked fantastic.

It has adjustable shoulder straps, a high-quality metal clasp at the back, and is obviously adjustable at the front, through loosening or tightening the lace-up front.

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Wildfire Top detail

3/4 length leggings:

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Leggings

The third item in the FoxBox was a gorgeous pair of 3/4 leggings in a beautiful indigo blue. They’re made from an incredibly soft fabric, which is even squat proof!

They have a flattering v waistline with a pretty cross-over in the fabric, and the brand logo embossed on the hip. They also have a very pretty tapered cut at the bottom of the legs.

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Leggings detail

Xotic Sox:

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Xotic Sox

The final major item from the 4th Creatures of XIX FoxBox was a pair of Xotic Sox in a reversible orange snakeskin/plain black design.

If you’re unfamiliar with Xotic Sox, they’re a sleeve for the platform of your Pleasers. They’re designed to protect them from scuffs and scratches during training. I’m impressed with the fabric selection, it feels thick and robust. I feel quite confident that they will do a good job keeping my beautiful new rose-gold babies in tip-top shape.

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Xotic Sox demo

Selection of samples and discounts:

As well as all the goodies outlined above, the FoxBox contained 2 samples of Eco Shliokica body glitter and a generous sample of “No Sweat Natural Antiperspirant” from Hydro Attack. There was also a fairly generous discount code for the Creatures of XIX website.

Creatures of XIX FoxBox 4 Samples

How does it work?

If you want to sign up for the Creatures of XIX Foxbox, head on over to their website. They open up registration for new subscribers once per quarter, and registration closes around 10 weeks before the boxes get sent. Why the long lead time, you may ask? Put simply, it’s because everything in the box is custom-made to your specifications. These boxes are usually packed with exclusive, limited edition products not available to the general public.

Once you have signed up, you’re a subscriber and will be charged on a recurring basis, every three months. You can, however, cancel your subscription or elect to skip a box at any time before you are charged for the upcoming quarter.

As a subscriber, your credit card is charged on the 28th of either March (for delivery in the first week of June), June (for delivery in the first week of September), September (for delivery in the first week of December) or December (for delivery in the first week of March).

How much does it cost?

The Creatures of XIX Foxbox costs £75.00 + shipping to your location (they ship worldwide). I live in the Netherlands, and shipping was £7.99.

What if I don’t know my size?

Creatures of XIX offers exchanges within 15 days of receipt of your products, and they order extra stock of the Foxbox exclusive products to cover the need for exchanges.

This was my first experience with Creatures of XIX clothing, and I was not completely sure of my size, although I am typically a European size 40, or an Australian size 12. I had heard that their products tended to run small, so I ordered everything in a size L.

  • The booty shorts are the perfect size for me. They fit like a glove, are snug enough around the vajayjay that I’m not worried about a lip-slip, but they’re not so snug that they give me extra lumps and bumps.
  • The top is a little big for me. Even when laced up as tightly as possible, it has a tendency to slide up and let my underboob hang out. I’ve exchanged this for the size M.
  • The leggings were packaged in a ziplock bag labelled L, but were actually a size S. This is 100% not a fault of Creatures of XIX, but rather, I presume, of their supplier. I’ve exchanged these for a size L.

Is it a pain to organise an exchange?

The exchange process has been very straightforward. I emailed them, following the instructions on the website, and received a response around 12 hours later. They requested photos of the incorrectly sized leggings and gave me instructions for the exchange process.

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that I need to exchange some of the products. I was really looking forward to having some fun new kit to take to Pole Camp next week. When placing the order, I even accounted for the possibility of exchanging before Pole camp. Unfortunately, there was a hold up this month with UK customs processing of some of the products, so the boxes shipped a week late.

Having said that, I’m pretty pragmatic, and I understand that sometimes shit happens. It was not negligence or malice that caused the box to come late. As long as it’s not a regular occurrence, I can totally deal with it.

Will I keep subscribing?

Now that I’ve received my first Foxbox, I’m very pleased with the quality and selection of products that were sent. I’ll continue to be a subscriber for the foreseeable future, and I’m super excited to see what the next box has in store!

*This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the foxbox myself and have not received any form of compensation for publishing this article.

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