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Industry discounts for Australian Fit Pros

Industry discounts for Australian Fit Pros

If you're a Personal Trainer, Dance Instructor or fitness industry professional, you're going to want to read this article - it's a list of brands that offer fitness industry discounts in Australia! As a fitness industry professional, I live my life in activewear -...

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Xpert Pole Instructor Training: A review

Xpert Pole Instructor Training: A review

I'm writing this having just returned from a weekend in the UK, where I completed the Xpert L1-L2 Pole Instructor Training. When I was considering taking an accredited pole instructor training course, I couldn't find many reviews of Xpert Instructor Training, and the...

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Grip aids are not the enemy. Here’s why.

Grip aids are not the enemy. Here’s why.

Grip-aids can be a controversial topic in the pole industry. Some people are vehemently anti grip-aid, believing that it is a crutch for aspiring pole athletes. On the other side of the argument are the people who are so pro-grip-aid that they DO become dependant on...

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Sport-specific training 

Pole Specific Training

with Sara-May Monaghan

Pole is an extreme sport. It’s also incredibly addictive. It builds incredible strength and amazing flexibility. Even better, Pole builds self-esteem  and a wonderful appreciation for the human body.

The very best way to progress in Pole (and avoid injury) is to combine on-pole training with sport-specific off-pole training. 

That’s what Train for Pole is all about.

I’m a certified and registered Personal Trainer, a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Pole Instructor. There’s nothing I find more satisfying than helping people discover the Pole athlete within themselves.


There are several ways you can Train for Pole with me.

I offer in-person Personal Training in Rouse Hill and the surrounding areas (including on-pole training!).

I am also pleased to offer online personal training programs, delivered over Zoom.

In mid 2021 I’ll also be offering comprehensive, progressive on-demand pole training.


It can change your life

Why Pole?


Fall in love with your body


Get stronger than you ever thought possible


Get flexible like a pretzel


Transform yourself, inside and out

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I miss you! Your classes are always so positive, you make me feel like I can do anything!

Ilse, former pole student

You’re truly amazing and your motivation is inspiring. I wish I could be your client because you’re honestly the best PT and teacher.

Kerina, pole instructor and former PT client

(In response to a video of a pole combination I taught in class) I need to improve a lot but seeing this helps me see where 🙂 loved this exercise though and I love the vibe in your lessons, thanks for that!

Eva, former pole student

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