If you have more than a passing interest in Pole Dancing, chances are, you’re already familiar with Sarah Scott, and her brand, Off the Pole. If you’re not, then you MUST go and check out her Instagram now… I’ll wait. She’s amazing, right?!

Sarah’s “Off the Pole” leggings are the unofficial off-pole uniform of pole dancers worldwide. In fact, you’ve most likely seen them on Instagram, even if you didn’t recognise the branding.

While I was at Croatia Pole Camp, I did a couple of Sarah Scott’s workshops. They were amazing, by the way. She had a selection of merchandise available, and I’m a complete sucker for an impulse purchase. While I was there, I picked up an Off the Pole sports bra and matching pair of leggings in the colourway Black Copper Rose.

Now, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve been sitting on this review for a little while for one simple reason: My off the Pole clothes are the first clothes I grab from the clean laundry basket! It makes it hard to get a picture… Oops!

Off the Pole Clothing

Off the Pole Leggings

The leggings (40GBP) are made of a thick, soft fabric that is reminiscent of Lululemon Nulu fabric. They feel cottony soft, but don’t get soggy when I get sweaty.

They’re nicely mid-high waisted, with a super-wide waistband that finishes just above belly-button height on me. I find that a lot of high waisted leggings roll at the top of the waistband, particularly when I’m training squats. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened with these.

My Off the Pole leggings are super comfortable, and I’ve worn them for floorwork, flexibility training and resistance training with equal success (and yes, they’re 100% squat-proof on me).

Off the Pole Leggings

My one and only criticism of these leggings is that they pill a little bit in the crotch, where my thighs rub together. I have, however, experienced the exact same thing in premium branded leggings that cost me three times as much. It doesn’t affect the performance of the leggings, and I can easily get rid of the pilling with a clothing shaver, so I’m not even a little bit mad.

I’m a smallish EU size 40 / Aus size 12 / US size 8 on the bottom, and I bought the medium leggings. They’re the perfect size for me.

Off the Pole Sports Bra

The sports bra (30GBP) is made of the same thick, soft fabric as the leggings. It has quite a thick band of elastic at the bottom, and the shoulder straps are also wide. This makes it an INCREDIBLY comfortable sports bra. It’s also reasonably high cut in the front, making it very practical for training when you just don’t want to be bothered about potential nip-slips.

Speaking of nipples, it also comes with removable padded cups. Personally, I find these horribly annoying and I throw them away/give them to friends who will use them, but if you like them, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that they’re included.

Off the Pole Sports Bra

I bought the large sports bra because I wanted some instant gratification (I told you, sucker for an impulse purchase!), and the medium was sold out. At the time, I was a little larger than I am now (I was an EU 40 on my top half). While it wasn’t a perfect fit, it was comfortable and wearable.

Off the Pole clothing seems to have a LOT of stretch to it, so each size is very forgiving. I’m currently an EU size 38 in sports bras, and it is only now starting to be noticeably too big for me. I can still get away with it for most of my training, but on the days I train deadlifts (weightlifting deadlifts, not pole deadlifts) I can really tell that the girls are not well supported.

I’ll be replacing the sports bra with the exact same one in a smaller size the next time I place a polewear order.

So, is it worth buying Off the Pole clothing?

From my experience, Off the Pole clothing is very high quality and cute af, for a very reasonable price. Plus, when you buy Off the Pole clothing, you’re supporting an independent small business, run by arguably the most likeable pole dancer in the biz.

If you’re interested in picking up some Off the Pole clothing, you can view the full product range on the Off the Pole website.

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